Our Purpose


Our purpose is to be a ‘Hub’ of Love and Faith in ACTION!


LFFC is a rural hub (or core) of the Body of Christ in Nebraska and Kansas bringing in the lost of all ages to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and into the local Family of God by our Love and Faith in ACTION! Our focus is to equip and empower believers with the life-transforming Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life of victory. Our aim is to send out trained laborers into the end time harvest to all the nations of this world, preparing for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Our Focus

The Primary Principles and Foundational Focus of LFFC are…

… Exalting the Person of Jesus Christ and getting to know Him personally.
… Upholding the Word of God as our standard for living.
… Ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.
… Worshiping in the presence of God.
… Committing to prayer.
… Growing in an atmosphere of faith.
… Practicing a lifestyle of giving of our time, abilities and finances to advance God’s Kingdom.
… Encouraging Biblical character, integrity, and faithfulness while aiming to live a holy life set apart for God.
… Knowing God’s love and walking in it.
… Valuing the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.
… Emphasizing the priority of giving God first place in the home and in family relationships.
… Promoting generational unity in the local body.
… Investing into our children and youth for the future leadership of the Kingdom of God.
… Reaching out with compassion to those in need.
… Supporting the nation of Israel as a vital part of God’s eternal plan.
… Going into all the world and preaching the Gospel by supporting missions.
… Teaching the truths of healing and prosperity from the Word of God and applying them to everyday life.
… Teaching the Word of God in a way relevant to our times, while remaining doctrinally pure.
… Learning who we are in Christ and the authority He has given us in His Name.
… Fostering an environment of grace that reaches out in love and forgiveness.