A fun loving atmosphere in the nursery is provided during every regular service of LFFC. Approved nursery workers are trained to provide attentive physical care for babies and young children. In addition to the little ones enjoying snacks and play time, they also receive spiritual nourishment from sweet Biblical teaching geared to the very young. Babies and toddlers are taught by using hand puppets, songs and storybooks that tell of the tender love of Jesus to these most precious members of our church family.

SUPERKIDS! Children's Church

Every Sunday morning foundational Bible truths come alive when our Superkids receive a new mission command from the Superkid Academy Headquarters. LFFC's exciting children's program uses energized praise and worship, attention grabbing videos along with lessons that are life changing.

Ministering to children has been at the heart of LFFC from day one. We love your children and value them as an important part of the body of Christ! In addition to Sunday morning, we also hold children’s church for kids age 4 through 5th grade on Sunday and Wednesday nights, all in the Superkids classroom. The game room offers fun and fellowship before and after every service. Check out the fun adventures of other children’s events* throughout the year!


Bill and Jannell Cave, Children’s Leaders, 25 yrs.

C.R.E.W. Jr-Hi

Christians Ready, Equipped, and Willing

Young people are engaged in a spiritual battle faced with choices and ideologies from every direction.  Few know how to think Christ-like, few know what they believe, and fewer still, why they believe it.  CREW, our 6th through 8th grade junior high youth group, analyzes this generation's belief system and trends which are daily competing for their hearts.  From the Word of God they are taught to rise up against the things of this world that could break them apart and to boldly stand up for their faith in the face of adversity.  Their friends, peer pressure, and day to day choices will shape their character and who they become. 

Christians are put on this earth to serve God and to make heaven crowded.  Through the teaching of the Word, we purpose to give our teens the tools they need to grow in character, which will help them to handle situations that will inevitably arise and will equip them with the ability to communicate and defend their faith.  As they develop boldness in sharing the gospel with their friends, peers, and family, they are given the opportunity to transform their homes, their schools, and their worlds with the love of Christ.

CREW's leadership is determined to help our junior high youth enter their battlefields armed with the full armor of God while grasping that He has a special purpose and place for each one of them in the Kingdom of God.

Check out other C.R.E.W. events throughout the year!

AMPt Youth

Do you know a teenager who needs a place to belong? Are they looking for a place to hang?

AMPt exists to motivate this generation to mix with the tangible love of God, the power of the Word and the move of the Holy Spirit. Today’s young people face counterfeit lures in their lives every day, and we want to attract and charge them up with something REAL!

We kick off our Wednesday and Sunday nights with fun times, food and hanging out with friends. Starting off with fresh, God-focused praise and worship, we prepare hearts for the practical teaching of the Word relevant to the current issues of the day. Flowing into a powerful prayer time allows the Holy Spirit to minister to the needs of hurting and confused individual lives.

Fun is where it’s at! AMPt youth group has regular Fun Nights that usually take teens to the park to play energetic, interactive sports and games. We have Christ-centered events and activities including Christian rock concerts, summer camp, youth explosions, lock-ins and movie and swim nights.

At LFFC we want to change the world one teenager at a time by turning unchurched teens into world changers for Christ. In short, we are motivating and empowering them to transform their world instead of the world transforming them.

Check out other Youth events throughout the year!

Flying Solo Singles

The LFFC singles are truly ‘going places’ in more ways than one! Fun and entertaining outings are scheduled throughout the year, such as Valentine parties, Christian concerts, game nights, pumpkin patch and corn maze trips and Christmas caroling soup suppers. Getting to know each other and bonding together as Bible believing Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord means so much. They know they are not alone in this journey flying high with the Lord and their LFFC family!  

Check out other Solo events throughout the year!


The LFFC guys like to hang out together and have some food and fun! The focus of the Bondsmen Ministry is to engage all ages of our men in fellowshipping and getting to know each other and to encourage one another in their roles as real men. Bowling and pizza parties, football games, cook-outs and games of ‘horse’ are ways they have a blast together. Sessions are wrapped up with discussions about priorities in life, honor and integrity, living clean and living free and being “bonded in the Lord”!

Check out other Men's events throughout the year!

WOW! Women of the Word

Women love to have ‘girl time’, so here at LFFC we provide various avenues for connecting with our sisters in the Lord. The highlights of the year are the Mother/Daughter & Friends Spring Banquet, the annual trip to Kindle the Flame Ladies Conference in Oklahoma, and the Ladies Christmas Party. The gals also enjoy home Bible studies and sharing occasional secret sister gifts encouraging each other as ‘Women of the Word’.

Check out other women's events throughout the year!


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