C.R.E.W. Jr-Hi

Christians Ready, Equipped, and Willing

Young people are engaged in a spiritual battle faced with choices and ideologies from every direction.  Few know how to think Christ-like, few know what they believe, and fewer still, why they believe it.  CREW, our 6th through 8th grade junior high youth group, analyzes this generation's belief system and trends which are daily competing for their hearts.  From the Word of God they are taught to rise up against the things of this world that could break them apart and to boldly stand up for their faith in the face of adversity.  Their friends, peer pressure, and day to day choices will shape their character and who they become. 

Christians are put on this earth to serve God and to make heaven crowded.  Through the teaching of the Word, we purpose to give our teens the tools they need to grow in character, which will help them to handle situations that will inevitably arise and will equip them with the ability to communicate and defend their faith.  As they develop boldness in sharing the gospel with their friends, peers, and family, they are given the opportunity to transform their homes, their schools, and their worlds with the love of Christ.

CREW's leadership is determined to help our junior high youth enter their battlefields armed with the full armor of God while grasping that He has a special purpose and place for each one of them in the Kingdom of God.

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